About Us

Jenn Fontaine

Jenn is a certified DONA International birth doula, a DONA International Birth Doula Trainer,  a certified Lamaze Educator and certified HypnoBirthing Educator. She is in the process of developing a Lamaze accredited Childbirth Education program and is looking forward to training new educators. (look for seminars in 2016!)

Jenn has been working as a Birth doula for 13 years and has had the honor of attending over 100 births. As a doula, she strives to provide non-judgmental support to families and support them in all their decisions while building the mother up and helping her realize her own amazing strength. She has worked as a childbirth educator for 10 years and is passionate about passing along her knowledge to families and other doulas, knowing that she is learning just as much from them! She absolutely loves doing doula trainings and helping new doulas find their own path.

Jenn currently lives in Winnipeg with her ripped bodybuilding husband, Marc, her four amazing kids and 2 drooling bulldogs Rocky and Scarlett. She is undergoing treatment for her coffee addiction but there are doubts as to its success.